General Terms

Method of booking and deposit needed:

To be valid your reservation, you must be paid 30% advance deposit, after previously have confirmed that the apartment is free for the desired period of stay. The remaining amount is paid on the day of arrival. Deposit required to confirm your reservation and guarantee your stay.
The deposit can be paid in cash on our bank account or via PayPal.
The deposit must be paid within 48 hours / 2 days / from the date of booking confirmation. If the deposit is not sent during this period of time, the reservation is considered unconfirmed / cancellation / (except where otherwise agreed).

  • Deposit is not refundable in case of not coming.
  • Deposit is not refundable if your written cancelation is received less than 60 days before your arrival.
  • Deposit is 50% refundable if your written cancelation is received more than 60 days before your arrival.
  • Deposit is not refundable in case of yearly leave.
  • Your booking cancellation notice must be received only in writing at:
  • Banks commissions are not refundable when your deposit is refunded back to you.

Apart Hotel Elite 2 reserves the right to cancel a confirmed and paid reservation in case of exceptional circumstances (fire, flood, etc.) beyond from hotel grounds.

In these cases, a hotel operator:
– It offers accommodation in an adjacent hotel with the same or similar conditions at the same price.
– We offer the customer accommodation for another period, while maintaining the same conditions and prices.
– Restores paid by the customer amounts to 30 – days of receipt of a written request by tourists, not owe a penalty of the same.

Change of booking:

If you want to change some of the details of your reservation after receiving confirmation, we will do our best to help you in case of vacancies.


Guests checking in after 14:00.
If you arrive early, please notify us at least two days in advance. If the property is currently free on your arrival, we will try to provide an early arrival. The release of the rooms takes place until 11:00.
In case you are not home free for the first hour of delay after 11:00 is paid 30% of the cost of living, the second hour of delay 50% and third and more 100% of the cost of living. Hotel accommodation is through submission of personal documents certifying the identity of the User who made the reservation, proof of payment of the advance and confirmation of accommodation.

Rights and obligations of the parties:

1.1. Apart Hotel Elite 2 has an obligation to put the client in an arranged studio or apartment.
1.2. Apart Hotel Elite 2 shall not change the price of previously agreed with the customer service, save in exceptional cases where this is justified.
1.3. Apart Hotel Elite 2 is not responsible for damage caused by acts of third parties.
1.4. Apart Hotel Elite 2 is not responsible for money, valuables and belongings of customers in the event of theft from the rooms and the area of the complex, fire or other situations of criminal nature!
1.5. All claims related to the quality of the services should be filed by the customer place in the Apart hotel to remove weaknesses.
1.6. All prices advertised on the website of Aparthotel Elite 2, as in e-mail messages sent to the user are in lev VAT and taxes / in some cases be linked with other offers, promotions and conditions / .
1.7. Additional costs are not calculated automatically in the total costs and have to be paid separately on the spot.
1.8. The customer’s responsibility to comply with generally accepted standards of good behavior during their stay at the hotel, as well as regulations for internal order. All costs caused material damage to the hotel caused by the customer.
1.9. Customers are obliged not to leave their children unattended in the territory of Aparthotel Elite 2!
1.10. Apart Hotel Elite 2 is not responsible for those left unattended under age of 18th.
1.11. Customers are required for safety reasons to use all appliances carefully.
1.12. Customers are required to provide their name and mobile phone number and the number of people who will be with them while staying in Apart Hotel Elite 2. Only persons registered in initial accommodation can use reserved by the guest apartment. If we are informed of a breach of any of these provisions Apart Hotel Elite 2 reserves the right to remove guests’ requests penalty.
1.13. Apart Hotel Elite 2 reserves the right to change information on this page and the general terms at any time without prior notice .. Although every effort is made to provide correct information, it can not always be guaranteed!
1.14. In all disputes and legal issues outstanding with these Terms mandatory provisions of law and the judicial system in Bulgaria.1.15 Confirming your booking you agree to accept the above conditions. If you have questions, please contact us at email:

We will try as quickly as possible to answer!